The Gifts of Being Childlike -Oct. ’22

It is Love that shines through
the innocence of a child.
Such innocence is the vibrant soil of joy,
containing all manner of resilient spontaneous wisdom,
and the inspiring generosity of fecundity.
Curiosity and FREE inquiry reign supreme.
All attachment is temporary
for the sake of fresh new discoveries.
Childlike love is full of empathy and kindness,
A willingness to be selfless
while remaining true and genuine
in expressing who they are.
What is most beautiful in a child
brilliantly finds its way
when it is not imprinted with
excessive control and indoctrination.
A child’s love can see through self-deception,
and bring clarity to the fog
and enthusiasm to apathy
and hope to the despondent.
Suffer the little children
and all manner of Grace will be
showered upon you.
All complications become stripped down
into its most simple forms of discernment.
Is this not why our hearts sing
when a babe is in our arms,
and our voices change to that of a child.
All sophistication becomes humbled
through the meek and buoyant charms of a child,
as all that separates and divides us
dissolves into the gentle mist
of care-free child-like wonder.
The gifts of being childlike can
transform the dark hoards of self-interest
into a playful philanthropic desire
to share and bring goodwill to everyone.
Such grace beckons to all of us now.
-Tru Guy Oct. 18th, ‘22
(Image by Lenka Fortelna from Pixabay)