Gratitude -Oct. ’22


The highest form of generosity is gratitude.
No matter the situations or challenges that befall us
No matter how they play out
in the field of our judgments and disappointments
Gratitude brings unexpected opportunities
for profound appreciation,
From the smallest to the greatest of things,
No matter what we call good or bad
spiraling out from every encounter,
they present before us the mystery of thankfulness.
As within so without is at the heart of it,
The magical elixir of life
As we become the grand alchemists and
Wizards of every world we create
from the depths of our anticipation
and willingness to bring Light to everything,
Since all manifestation is sourced from this Light.
Nothing is for not, but for the expansion of grace.
I am the witness of All That Is,
Wherein lies no bias or blame,
just the many cascading opportunities for growth.
As all inner dialogue conjures up the potions
and recipes that I ingest into what I call my life.
To rise each morning with “thank you” on my lips,
To temper all misfortune into a fortune,
To seek all the potency of thankfulness
in the midst of all attacks and abuses,
not simply to indulge and acquiesce to them,
but to magically transform them into the
healing breath of graciousness,
knowing that nothing can blemish
the purity of forgiveness and the impenetrable healing forcefield
of a magnanimous heart.
Every expression of gratitude empties my cup,
so that through such emptiness so much more
can pour in.
All abundance comes from acknowledging
the blessings I have, however small
and insignificant they may seem,
just as a humble acorn
grows into the stature of a great oak.
Be like that of the birds who do not sow or reap
but in their joy-filled songs, all is provided for them.
I am grateful for all my relationships, my health,
my work, my monetary means, my creative gifts my challenges,
the food on my table, the victories, and losses, the sky,
sun and stars, the earth, forests, oceans, animals, and all my ancestors.
I am grateful for this moment with you
and the sweet gift of your kind-hearted presence.
I carry a small stone or crystal in my pocket
to remind me to stop and bow
before the great ocean of benevolence
allowing every cell of my being to enter
into the life-giving gifts of sincere gratitude.
-Starhorse Oct. 19th, ‘22
(Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay)