Living Ecstatic

What is it that gives meaning to being alive?
What gets me up every day and do what I do?
To what end do I work, fight, love, give, and make my claim?
When I am at the doorway to that other dimension
what will be my take on having lived?
Am I my possessions, opinions, fame, or obscurity?
Could I be all of these things and none of them?
When I say I am here to fight for my children,
what is it that I leave behind for them?
Is it something that they can use to live their life?
Or are they here to live in none of the ways I have?
What does it matter what I think or feel about another?
Am I not always simply alone within the walls of my own projections?
Does the long corridor of my distractions and preoccupations
amount to anything?
Is it not just a fleeting wisp of wind?
So, what is the point?
Is it to fill me with an album of memories
that fly like grains of sand to the wind?
Or could it be that I am here to be a living paradox?
Could it be that I am here, not to grasp, but to let go,
to live fully, deeply, generously, humorously, lovingly, and passionately
And then cast it all away as I welcome my next moment…
holding on to nothing except the courage to give myself away.
Is this not the gracious ecstasy of breath?
As I can only breathe in for as long
as it takes me to breathe out.
In the paradoxical words of Rumi,
“When you give up everything, everything is yours.”
To live fully is to infuse Light into the daily extremes of experience,
and not be unsettled by any of it.
Can I be so in love that I live beyond obsession,
as I stretch my hands out with nothing in them
except for my surrender to being guided
by the divine dance, dancing me?
Is the point, to be “point-less”
as a courier of Love,
like a child does in the ecstasy of play?
Leaving me free to BE One with the Source
of all that is Living Ecstatic?!
-Starhorse Oct. 13th, ‘22
(Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay)