“HUMAN-BEING” Dec.22, 2022

I so needed to be still
over this last night into this morning.
I am now listening to some Gregorian chant.
It pours pools of liquid light into my heart,
so tenderly soothing my soul,
as feelings arise from times gone by,
and speak of eternity’s voice,
wrapped as I am in this blissful Now.
All of nature’s sounds become a divine chorus,
Echoing the soul of my earth.
As I bow humbly before the alter of creation,
My cup empties,
My sense of self melts away,
all my nerve endings become
God’s eyes, ears, voice, and touch
for every fleeting earthbound experience.
I am no more, and yet, found in all things,
My house of pride and self-importance
falls away like cherished sand castles,
whose grains are now indistinguishable
from the desert landscape
which lies before me,
Where dreams become my compass,
Faith, my hope and endurance,
Love, my hand of compassion,
extended to every longing cry,
as I am shown the truth of it,
how the high becomes low,
the first become last,
in all that dies, new life is born,
how everything is fluid,
how all movement
comes from mystic stillness,
to reveal what it truly means
to be a “Human…Being”
-TruGuy Starhorse Dec. 22, 2022