In living, I come to see a circle
Like an echo,
All that I have spoken
Comes back to me
As seasons spin
and waves curl upon themselves,
Every expression is paired
To a mold of reception
The circle is everywhere.
Ears receiving sounds
Hands feeling textures
Mouths savoring taste
Every scent for smelling,
Breathing in and out,
Everything has its mate.
Masculine to Feminine,
Isolation calls for company,
Fear to courage,
War to peace,
Hate to love,
Confusion to understanding,
Finite to infinite ♾
My evolution comes from where I stand
in the circle of events,
Every position is a teaching,
A way of seeing
From the outside in,
The inside out,
Until the circle is complete
And I have experienced it all,
To find myself in the center,
No longer pulled
Between either extreme
Becoming the bridge
Of equanimity,
A dancer in the flames
Of transmutation
Transfigured and eternally
Reborn into the circle I Am,
Where another circle appears,
Circles within Circles 🔵 🔴
And I become the watcher,
The Stillpoint is at the center of it all.
-Tru Starhorse Windwalker 🕉