We live in a world with many voices,
Each one, including mine, seeks to be heard.
What is it that we want to get out of being heard?
Some want to be obeyed,
Some want to be understood,
Some want to find an agreement,
Some want to judge,
Some want to be praised,
Some want to be remembered,
Some want to inspire,
Some want to find their tribe,
Some want to be loved,
Some want to unravel their confusion,
Some want to teach,
Some want to be right…
And so, the reasons go on and on.
Is it because we are living
in an infinitely interactive universe,
where communication is the
essential web of our connection and unity?
Is it because we are fundamentally not alone,
and need to contribute to the chorus of life?
But why do we create such chaos
with our words and actions?
In the human Tower of Babble
every voice wants to be validated
but we find that there is no one listening,
when everyone is wanting to be heard,
as if our voice alone is above all others.
We want our voice to be the only one
that needs validation and believe
this validation must come
from outside of ourselves,
from some external measurement of value.
How is it that we have lost
our own inner validation?
When we were children our voices
rang out without any form of censorship.
Simply being alive with our passion for expression
was enough to prove our reason for being.
Does not the universe through every minuscule vibration
sing its full and magnificent presence
through a vast diversity of tones and rhythms,
where each one is in harmony with the other?
Is this not the great cosmic musical design…
that we sing harmoniously and cooperatively together?
Our individuality does not need
to be acknowledged by someone else
in order for it to be celebrated.
Camps do not need to be created.
My belief, your belief, who cares??
Believe what you want,
and seek its own validation within yourself.
We have, in our search for personal power,
used our voices to dominate and control.
This all comes from fear and insecurity
and our need to belong when we feel that we don’t.
We are here to profoundly remember and love ourselves
for who and what we are as unique notes
within a divine symphony,
where every note is essential
to the composition and perfection of ourselves.
We each came here with a song to sing,
whether through painting, carpentry, poetry, music
architecture, sculpture, cooking, dancing, etc.
Everything expresses the rhythm, tone, and harmony
of music, even dissonance calls us back
to harmonious resonance.
During these most trying times
there is but one voice
calling our many voices back home
to the Music of the Spheres,
where the harmonic beauty of Oneness and Love
have always been singing in Nature
amidst our historic human cacophony.
-TruGuy Starhorse
(November 16, 2023)