There is no avoiding
The shadow on the wall
It follows my slightest move
Inseparable companion,
These strong hands weaken
I cannot hold
what once was my steady grip
Fading into the morning dew
The sun has me now
Lifting my formless body
Invisible to the sky
Such is the timeline of life
The ship that sailed into the mist
Once brave upon the sea
Finds its path no more
No longer bound in service to me
Winds have their course
Pride cannot hold the sail
Glories won, turned into mulch
While younger minds till the soil
From what is left behind
For every clever twist of word
Falls flat upon the plains of truth
And though I thought
I could escape what wasn’t faced
The tally mounts upon the page
Claiming the stipend won at birth
To ask what worth has come
From this gift, life has been
What can I gather from it all
And offer now, oh gracious Light
Before embarking once again
Upon the mystic wheel of life.
(Dec. 3rd, 2023)