Winter Solstice House Concert

This is a promotional message from my friend Sandy Mulroy.
We have so many incredible local artists. And a friend dear to my heart has agreed to bring his beautiful music and songs to our studio!
It is important to support local artists, they bring so much joy and love to the world.
This December 19th, 2022 Tru Guy Stefan Starhorse will be performing for the Winter Solstice!
Tickets are on a sliding scale…..$40 per person, but we understand that times are tough this time of the year, so we have an option for $25 per person as well.
No one will know which ticket you selected.
At the concert, we will have some wild-crafted mead and some wild-crafted teas for your pleasure.
A beautiful offering and one we are so honored to host.
Click here to get your tickets now! Space is limited!