I See A Light


I see a Light
growing in the hearts of humanity,
For some, it is just a spark,
beginning to find the fuel of truth,
For others, it is a bonfire of light
consuming the darkness
where every flame births another
as fear retreats into the shadows,
like cockroaches scurrying about.
I see a Light
long-suffering its desire
to bring a warm healing radiance
to soothe the broken hearts
of mothers, fathers, children,
and the voiceless cries
that sweep across the forgotten hills and valleys,
refreshing the glistening waters,
the flora and fauna are forever heroic
in their reach for the sun.
This light will galvanize ignorance
into full awareness,
It will lift the heads of the forsaken,
to see a new dawn emerging.
It will revitalize our trust in each other,
and send shivers of joy
where hope has been lost.
I see a Light
audacious, unflinching, and dauntless,
a lionhearted beacon of transformation,
resolute in its indomitable purpose
to bring love, grace, and beauty back
into this world and its people.
In this Light
I see men standing steadfast and tall again
in their manhood,
and women cherished as the bearers of
life-giving inspiration.
In this Light
I can hear the Earth sing
its welcoming songs again,
to all species, in all worlds,
to come feast and grow with us,
in the way it was always meant to be
at the abundant banquet table
of Earth’s flourishing Love.
So be it…and so it is.
-Tru Starhorse Jan 15th, 2023