Summer Solstice-2022

“On this, the longest day of the Sun
All that is obscured in the Shadows
Shall rise into the Light of Day,
Although it begins our passage
into shorter days,
It brings with it the stoking
of a greater Fire within.
We, under the Light of the Father
Remember the Heart of the Mother,
The Love that came through much more
Then when we suckled at the Breast,
We all came into this world
by the Divine Milk of a Mother’s Love,
It was the Harmonic Convergence
of Spirit with Matter,
The precious song that is sung
Through the eyes of a Mother’s tender gaze
Upon the flesh of her flesh.
Her steadfast devotion bears forth
the seeds of our yielding desire
to live the truest aspects of who we are,
And why we move and breathe our dreams
into the world.
Today is a day to remember and honour
the perfect Balance and Harmony
between Mother and Father,
Masculine and Feminine,
Light and Dark,
The Dance of Yin and Yang
Forming and Transforming the rhythm
of all manifestation,
That we may come from the depths
of our Divine Architecture,
The Sacred Geometry of all our points
Unified by the Grand Symmetry
of Love’s Design.
May this Summer’s Solstice in 2022
Become the Birth of your Innocence once again,
The Trumpet of your Arrival,
Knowing that you are Precious and Loved
just as you are, and always were,
as the Cosmic Reflection of a Divine Godly Origin.”
-Tru Guy Starhorse June 21st, 2022
(Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay)
To everything, there is a season and a time whereby the best and the worst can happen.
The flowers do not blossom in winter. The rivers do not freeze in summer.
How often have you missed an opportunity because its time of auspiciousness lapsed?
Things can come around again but we may not always know exactly when.
Certain energetic forces align at very specific times the same as what attributes are bestowed upon you at your specific time of birth. Our fascination with Astrology, the Gene Keys, or the Human Design System describes such distinctions in our characteristics that tell us more about what influences our actions. The I Ching itself is an ancient system about how to understand the way in which the elements of Nature produce particular outcomes. All these “systems” require close observation on our part.
Although some events appear pre-determined because we are co-creators with Nature, we play a vital role in how events can be manifested.
Such is the case when we reflect on the powerful forces in play during Seasonal time shifts. The Summer Solstice opens a portal for our intentions to bring seeds of change and fruition. The Spring Equinox set the stage for what can come to completion during the summer. As we make clear our desires for what we want to manifest we enter our dance with Great Nature in bringing them forth.
To not do so we enter the whims of circumstance and fall prey to the ‘willy-nilly’ outcomes of our negligence and oversight.
I find I align myself most favorably to experience the outcomes I seek by first beginning the process with gratitude. I review what I have been given and how I have been blessed and express deep appreciation for everything…even what I have learned from those difficult times.
Next, I determine what I need to release regarding those things that no longer serve my highest good. It can be things, emotions, relationships, habits, addictions, attachments, how and where I am living, etc.
Then, I get clear on what I wish to call into my life and do so by being as specific as I can by writing these things down. I can further add to this by displaying pictures and gathering the people and resources that can support and encourage me.
And finally, I feel and visualize the reality I am wanting to manifest as already done while remaining open to how my vision may want to shift according to what continues to inform my highest and best outcome because sometimes what I think I want is not what will be better for me, so I remain somewhat flexible.
See yourself as deeply rooted but pliant, like a willow tree.
The Summer Solstice is a good time to sow what you hope to reap in the Fall.
And as always, have fun as a co-creator. Enjoy the process so you can appreciate the outcome!