A World Of Milk And Honey -June 18th,2022

The birth of peace and true freedom
cannot arise until all forms of enmity
amongst our human family
becomes dissolved and eradicated.
From such a healing
the lands of milk and honey
will be seen and felt again,
and will pour forth like a great river.
The crops will grow in abundance,
The smiles of children
will melt all sorrow,
The doubtful will find their faith again,
The birds will soar
and spring from the joy in our hearts,
The clouds of confusion and blurred sight
shall welcome the burning light of clarity,
The pain of our neglect and self-indulgence
will open the gates of profound generosity
and a deep desire to attend the daily goodness
of the sustaining force of compassion and care.
The human heart shall be honored
and will be met as would a divine temple,
as we humbly bow before each heart of our hearts,
Patience will temper all mindless compulsivity,
And the Eye of Truth will shine
brightly upon the land,
as the dawn of each new day
holds the promise that breathes
love into the seeds buried deep
in the earth of our most cherished
and highest calling.
We will no longer walk in fear or desperation
For wisdom will be our staff and strength
as we step with confidence and surety
towards each other,
where no one is made to be higher or lower
as we become rooted within the rich soil of equanimity
and our enduring concern for each other.
This is the dream and promise
that is now dreaming itself into form.
I affirm it to be so…And so it is.
-Tru Guy Starhorse June 18th, 2022
(Image by Jills from Pixabay)
This is the time to allow the dreamer within to come forth.
When I stop at the end of each day and survey all that I experienced I realize, sometimes with shock, how I created it all. Life does not happen to us, but because of us. So many times I think I have no choice until I see that I have chosen everything that has come to me. Even when some external circumstance or event seems beyond my will or wish, my response to it becomes the reality I am manifesting. And since we all live within our unconscious complicity to a collective pool of interactivity, I am inadvertently contributing to all that emerges.
It is my belief that I am a separate entity that I doubt my involvement in everything.
My attachment to separation and the battle of this against that allows me to avoid taking full responsibility for what I am ultimately complicit in and justifies my greed.
As long as I take myself off the hook and point at some other source to take responsibility for what refuse to see I abandon myself to a compartmentalized existence.
This reaction builds upon itself to such a degree that eventually I cannot see the forest for the trees. I lose the thread that connects me to the original cause of it all hiding behind layers of self-deception and intellectual gymnastics, much like what you hear in a political debate where each party is only there for itself and blames the other for what it will not face.
Selfishness and self-righteousness are behind it all. This is the game the ego plays on us. It is only out for its own self-preservation where it sees everyone else as a threat or ally to its own gain. Its myopic view resists the possibility and the great benefit that comes from ‘win-win’.
Are we not, deep down, tired of this old worn-out story and trajectory?
I want to encourage and awaken the powerful dreamer within and use its fuller expression of love in the world. I want to light the fire of what is harmoniously and abundantly possible for everyone. But I have to start by observing and taking responsibility for what I am and have been creating in my life and how it affects everything around me.
It begins and ends with me. I am the Alpha and Omega as I surrender my will to a higher one.