Standing In Awe

I stand in awe of that which simply is,
not in where it can take me,
define me, extol me, or refine me.
Not for what I need to change or achieve.
Not because something is missing
or left out, neglected, or imperfect.
I stand in awe of that
which holds nothing back at this moment,
where no claim needs to be made,
for this or for that,
no justification for existence as it is,
no long history of proof and comparison.
I stand in awe of the great bounty
that is held in silence, in innocence,
that rich texture of emptiness and its potential,
the place where everything began,
and is beginning again and again,
rising up from the sacred well of creation,
the seedling that is breaking ground,
the fresh smell of dawn,
the desire to be fully alive,
to be that unique note
within the melody of nature’s song,
that peace beyond the mind
when it’s found within the heart.
I am in awe of the urge to create,
to be the architect of dreams,
the harbinger of worlds to come,
a champion of kindness and goodwill.
I stand in awe of seeing you with no filter,
with no need for you to be more than who you are
not who you say and think you are,
but that gift that gets to be unwrapped every day
with the joyous anticipation of a child.
I stand awestruck before there is any drama
upon the screen of life,
before we are filled with right and wrong,
and the urge to defend a point of view,
I stand in awe of the silence between us,
where no words are needed,
just the experience of the water of life
seeping into our vital force,
and our precious receptivity to each other,
as we become ever closer to each other’s heart
and the love springing forth from All That Is
I stand in awe of what it feels like
to be a child of this awesome universe,
and coming to know you here with me.
-TruGuy Starhorse April 25th,2023