Source of Our Creative Power

More so than thought,
our greatest Source of creative power
is our emotions.
Thought is the framework,
Emotion is the foundation
upon which the framework can be built.
The potency of what you feel
ultimately surrenders to faith…
the faith of surety.
The more deeply you feel the reality you desire,
and act upon it,
the more what you can imagine manifests.
Because the unconscious mind
does not differentiate between
what you feel and what is,
this very fact demonstrates
the power of feeling into manifestation
all that we can imagine.
Our relationship with faith
has been torn to shreds,
and has undermined our willingness
to believe in ourselves.
We have been steered in the wrong direction,
where we look to something or someone
outside of ourselves to put our faith in,
When in fact, since we are made
in the image of the Prime Creator,
and specifically designed to be co-creators;
our faith should be in ourselves.
We are the Source and Masters
of our reality.
Our work at this time for creating a more loving world,
is to first shed all that has deceived us
into believing we are powerless
and impotent in the face
of great change and challenges.
If your faith be that of the size of a mustard seed,
it can give rise to the great majesty of an Oak.
Water the garden of your dreams
with your truest heartfelt emotions,
knowing that they spring and usher forth
from the deepest well of your faith
and trust in yourself.
-TruGuy Starhorse April 28th, 2023
(Image by RegalShave from Pixabay)