Society Does Not Exist -March 2023


As strange as the title for this reflection sounds,
in the truest sense of its meaning,
when we look close enough,
society is a fabrication of what
we call reality…
a glass house resting on the sand,
a grand and convoluted illusion
constantly polling for a collective agreement,
for obedience and conformity,
as we strive to be “successful” within such confinement.
Puppet masters set up the game
and we become the players.
Fear is the driving force
and judgment on the rules of play.
We become victims of false ideals
according to the dictates of social norms,
and we become the guards
to our own self-imposed prisons
while holding the keys to our freedom in our hands.
All social judgment and expectation
is born of fear, not love.
The origin of all rules and codes of behavior
is a mystery with no substantial connection
to the human heart and the soul’s natural
urge to create expressions of love.
We have made fear our master,
and its greatest power over us
is believing we are powerless,
and only a small cog in the wheel of creation,
when in truth, we are infinite beings
and a force of nature,
capable of transforming all experiences of limitation
into powerful and playful manifestations
of love, joy, and creative beauty.
We can discover our capacity to dream again,
to color outside of the lines,
to feel the magic of our inner child,
the visionary who dances to the rhythms
of the earth and sky.
Inspiration becomes the air we breathe
and giggles of joy, the juice of a passionate life.
This is what it truly means to be free
and to surrender to the heart,
and as the famous song proclaims,
“…some may call me a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one.”
-TruGuy Starhorse March 2nd, 2023
Image by fszalai from Pixabay