Encouragement -March 2023


Emerald-green moonlit skies glisten and shimmer,
Frosted tips of tranquil tree skylines,
welcome my every pause to view,
As I move in slow motion
across the land,
And symphonies of silence
serenade a stillness within.
Magical mirrors of infinite space
Along with the iridescent stars
scintillating forgotten realms
of tender self-remembrance
dropping all the scales of dreary distraction,
and leave me quiet and warmly wrapped
in a blanket of peace,
as the Great Mother whispers
her serene encouragement to my heart,
“Be at peace my child, be at Peace,
you are forever held, cherished, and loved.
Never forgotten, never lost or unseen.
Know it to be so,
and forever it shall always Be,
And so it is.”
-Tru Starhorse March 5th, 2023
(“Tru Reflections” -a book of reflective prose)