Sitting in these early hours

Listening to the etheric whispers

of a Native American Flute

While the birds praise

the morning sun

My heart acknowledges

and remembers

the blessings of wonder

On wings of imagination

I fly to that place we all know

as we remember

to embrace our childlike wonder

The timeless fields of abandon

Suspended in beauty

Lifted by joy

Emboldened by curiosity

When the world around me

was a magical place

Filled with daydreams

No longer held by the finite borders

that define a limited reality,

In such moments

my child comes home again

giggling with the possibilities

and anticipations of adventure

All of life came alive

The rocks, trees, insects

rivers, sky, wind, grass

animals, rain, willow wisps,

and all I could touch, see,

feel, hear, and taste

wrapped their presence of love

and grace all around me

When I looked into your eyes

No veil of separation was felt

No fear of unworthiness defined us,

I was you and you were me

and we delighted in each other

I know you can remember this place

It still sings deep within you

as the weight and burdens

so tightly held onto

fall away like dandelion seeds,

scattered to the wind and wonder

of knowing I am a child of the universe,

Once again

I am blessed and kissed

by the innocence of my awakening

to BE in childlike wonder

Only now,

the weary journey of being human

has come full circle

Bringing wisdom and experience,

as I bath in those deep pools

of remembrance and refreshment

where Mother Earth and Father Sun

welcome me home once again.

May this day bring you

such wonder, love, and freedom.

-TruGuy Starhorse

April 27, 2024