Hearts’ Calling -Nov. 8th ’22

“To live according to your hearts’ calling
is the birthmark of what it means
to be spiritually human.
It has nothing to do with religion,
or any form that frames the spiritual path.
All methods to assist our inner-standing
are simply temporary vehicles
that align with our chosen desires for growth,
but they are not that which is
the full outstretch of our wings.
Our doubts and attachments
are like a thick skin insulating what
is in profound resonance within.
Those moments that come
like a flash in the night
when you breathe in the fresh cool air
of willingness,
something bleeds through the
barriers of resistance
and the shining lights of a starlit universe
awakens your sleeping dreams,
your teary-eyed wishes for all
you are here to be,
as the breastplate of your love
cracks open an ocean waterfall
upon the arid plains of your earthly purpose,
and in such a passing and penetrating glance
you see the full extent of what is birthing
before you, behind you, and above you.
You see and feel, if only for a second,
the unbridled flight of your heart,
fully engaged and a part of something
so much greater than the small
steps of fearful perception.
Courage rises in your chest,
to lift the goodness in you
toward the joyful songs of human kindness,
and all myopia is released,
allowing for all your long-held visions
to be fully seen and realized,
and the fellowship of eons of mystery,
lock arms with what has always been
the sweetest taste of freedom
born of Source, and the promise
of what is yet to come right now,
as you say yes to that essence of love
that is calling you home.”
-Tru Starhorse Nov. 8th, ‘22

Photo by Jeffrey Eisen on Unsplash