Life is but a dream,
A great spiraling out of imagination,
A story created as we go.
We are all dream weavers.
Consciously and unconsciously
spinning worlds all around us.
From an ocean of silence and love
everything unfolds,
as our senses obscure
the pin-point of our awareness
that all things are connected.
Our home is not somewhere
we have to get to,
It is that which is always before us,
a place of vast knowledge and deep feeling.
We are not bound by time and space.
The magic carpet of our dreams
are born within the whims of intention,
and the desires of deeply held longings,
That great remembering
forever guiding us home with love,
were all shades of fear dissolve
into the liquid light of infinite possibilities.
That which we see outside of us
is now born from what is dreaming us from within.
We are keepers of the beautiful,
curators and progenitors
of the new world to come,
Such is the dreamscape of love,
Daring us to always dream.
-Tru Starhorse March 17th, 2023
(Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay)