Beginning-Ending -Nov. 17th, ’22


“To everything, there is a season
and a time under heaven”
This well-known sacred adage
has taught me over and over again
about discernment,
about knowing when to hold on
and when to let go,
about the beginning and ending
of all manifestations,
and the deep appreciation
that comes from knowing the difference.
The poignant awareness
of this never-ending process
surrounds me everywhere,
And because of this,
I can easily overlook it
except when life shocks me
into undeniable remembrance
and ultimate acceptance.
The man I am, who goes by
the many names attributed to me,
will one day be only a memory,
a passing wind of having been.
All that I have held to be so precious
will fall away into the vast distances
of things faintly seen
across the landscape
of time and timelessness.
All that I thought I knew
and so confidently espoused
returns to the infinite void
from which it arose,
that I may be brought
to the humble passage
of beginning again,
to see, feel, and taste
the impermanence of something permanent.
In those lifetimes that end,
such as this very fleeting moment,
as I write these words,
I must let go of being the writer
in order to be the scribe
in service to the mysteries being unveiled,
as I surrender to life living me
rather than me living life.
Is this not how it all began,
through the seed of my emergence?
The essence of my very DNA
gifted me with a sense of being
a living purpose,
And my mission is about surrendering
to a greater will,
One that also crowns me
with the glory and will of being a co-creator…
creating and being created
through a vast and sacred network
of collaboration.
And when this passage is done,
when all has come to fruition
I surrender it all to the Source
from which it came,
Just as my beginning becomes my end,
and my end becomes a new beginning.
Just as my expression of gratitude
can end my attachment to what
I have been given,
but also gives birth to complete
receptivity to my next adventure.
The more I surrender,
the more I am shown I know what I am doing,
but I have no idea where I am going…
Could this possibly be the core and elegance
of what true Absolute Freedom is?
-Tru Starhorse Nov 17th, ‘22