As I stood outside

With the early morning sun

Lifting its rays upon the land


I watched and felt the golden gift

Of how I was blinded

By this light


Immediate surroundings disappeared

I was suspended inter-dimensionally

Into a blurred perception of space

As I attempted to gain

My usual familiarity and orientation


My reality became opaque


I could not be sure of the details

With my sight consumed and diffused

By the watery vapours of brilliance


So, I closed my eyes

Still seeing this solar phosphorescence

Branded onto my inner eyelids

I could hear the feathered wind sounds of Geese

Flapping and flying overhead

And the heralding call of life

Singing all around me


The cool air kissed my face

As I took deep breaths

And continued to savour the sun’s

Shimmering kaleidoscopic vision within


I was being offered

The brilliance of a new mind

Soaking in the Light of a new day

As every colour and shape

Underwent a metamorphosis


Leaving me in awe

Of this multi-levelled transparency

Unveiling itself before me

Where there was no clear distinction

Between me and what was all around me


Just this heavenly blissful sense of Oneness

I Am, That, I Am.

-Tru Starhorse

(March 19, 2024)