A waterfall of thoughts cascades upon me every moment.
Which am I choosing?
And which are choosing me?
Am I bound to a screen of compulsive attraction?
What is the nature of this attraction?
Am I drawn to unavoidable associations cataloged within the history of my unconscious archives of experience?
The powerful current of thought-bound streams can willfully carry me along without thinking.
Am I a tiller of the soil of intention or simply following rules and impulses I never question?
There is freedom in contemplating these questions, not because I am seeking specific answers but because I am attentive to the insights that will emerge naturally without effort by asking them.
I sit still, within the center of my drama; the story that is both collectively and personally unfolding.
In my center of observation, synchronicities abound and begin to appear more frequently.
Life accomplishes itself, and I am the instrument of its creation.
Am I consciously connected to being a co-creator in the creative process of life or a passive recipient driven by unthinking obedience to forces beyond my control?
Every attempt I make to be the navigator of my ship,
jigging the sail according to the winds of change, initiates me further in being a master of my destiny.
I cannot fight the wind or the gravity of a waterfall, only harmonize my movements with it.
-TruGuy Windwalker December 28, 2023
(video by Ronin_Studio_Munich)