CYCLES OF HOLY GRACE-Happy New Year 2024

As with the mysterious coalescence of magnetism
allowing for the many creative manifestations of nature;
the germination of what becomes a bud
springing forth into existence;
born into a cycle of growth and decay;
returning to its Source once again
through the abandonment of its form,
to merge over and over
into the many energetic colours of transposition.
The orchid in its majestic beauty
kisses the face of creation temporarily.
No matter how much we may want its beauty to remain,
we cannot hold the water of life;
It slips through our fingers
no matter how much we try to grasp it.
Its story and ethereal offerings are delight,
that we might, for each cycle of emergence,
revel in the aliveness and vibrancy of transition.
Nature so profoundly teaches us to let go.
We can see it everywhere…
The exquisite satin carpet of freshly fallen snow
soon yields to the warmth of the sun;
A lover’s kiss held in memory for years
even after we have surrendered
their presence from being physically in our lives;
The man who once relished his youth
knows now the wisdom of years
telling stories that are tracked
upon every aging line framing his face.
Renewal comes with abandonment,
lest I anchor my actions and experiences in dogmatism.
True security is within the quality of my perceptions;
my capacity to resist the desire for permanence
because I have learned to walk the tightrope of paradox;
I stand between shadow and light
harmoniously holding the tension of extremes
and transmuting gravity into a lightness of being.
This is the dance of eternity and its many cycles.
Birth and death are an inescapable continuum;
all my pain is a denial of this truth.
Peaceful equanimity comes from embracing
the height, depth, and breadth
of how life presents itself to us;
the recognition that every experience
has a purpose and meaning built into it,
just like the flower wastes no time
announcing its beauty.
It simply uses the cycle of time it has been given
to live fully the design it came here to be.
This is the challenge we all face
in being unreservedly who we are,
not as something set in stone,
but something inexplicably ever-changing…
the expansion and contraction of holy grace.
-TruGuy Starhorse ❦❧
New Year’s Eve 2023
Enjoy being the ever-evolving you in 2024!!