EMERGENCE -December 26, 2023

The soul of humanity is like a stream flowing from its Source to the ocean; it is an unbroken current, it is a complete whole.
Our minds can conceive it to be made up of an infinite number of drops, each perfect in itself, having individual identity, being a complete whole.
Each drop is shaped and influenced by the nature of its current, its rapidity, its slowness, its stagnation, being clean or unclean according to the quality of the soil and land that contains the current and influences its course.
And so it is with us, unbroken from our Source; flowing from Unity and returning to Unity.
No matter what environment has shaped your course you can find your way back to the pristine waters of love’s grace.
On this, the last full moon of 2023, take some time to prepare the soil of your growth for 2024; free any sluggish waters of confusion, fear, or doubt.
Embrace your unique individuality and revitalize your connection to Source.
The greatest we could have ever imagined is yet to come through an uncommon faith that can remove any veil from the Mirror of our Hearts.
In love, I trust and hold firm.
-Tru-ly 🙏💜🌹🌠🌹💜🙏
(winter-Image by Amy Art-Dreams from Pixabay)