Zero Point -October ’22

As much as I am always drawn to the ineffable mysteries of the soul
and to see and acknowledge the beauty of life
I also experience an existential sadness
as I scale the terrain of this earthly sojourn,
that is mixed with such great suffering and inexplicable joy.
These moments of bitter-sweetness carry a deep weight
alongside an incredible lightness of Being
and all I can do is be still with it,
nowhere to go, no one to turn to
or to hold me in this place,
as I lay naked, raw, and vulnerable,
offering a healing, loving, and helping hand
toward myself in these quiet hours
of desperate self-recognition.
Someone asked me yesterday, “who are you?”
I had to smile in light of a piece I wrote
recently using that question as the title.
I am that which is witnessing me in this moment…
The passing and over-arching arc of personal
manifestation and universal presence.
The place where we all meet in silence.
I use words to touch the hem of this sacred garment
wrapped around the outer shell of myself.
Knowing that this too will pass
Leaving me once again upon an infinite road
where the wand of my imagination
sculpts the vistas awaiting and serving
every drop of my will.
My YES to it all brings me the courage to face
the dark wood of my fears.
And just when I think I am lost and alone
I see you there along with me shaking,
with the might of your faith and perseverance
to break free of any label you have given yourself
or that has been thrust upon you.
And in so doing we come to that place within
that has never abandoned us
where who we are is inscribed upon
the Tablets of timeless and nameless remembrance…
The zero point of existence.
Oct. 11th, ‘22