Life Is Precious

The most difficult and yet,
empowering moments of our lives,
are when we experience the loss
of what we know we treasure
but have taken for granted
or neglected.
We get caught up
in the busyness
and distractions in our lives,
in the ways we have framed
our priorities.
It takes the shock of loss and regret
that awakens a deep reflection,
and an even deeper appreciation
for all that truly blesses us.
We come to realize
it isn’t our possessions,
our riches, our successes,
our positions of power and authority,
or our “precious rings” of distinction
that truly speaks to our souls and hearts.
At the end of the day
we are shown that it all comes down…
to Love.
When we are stripped of everything,
it is the love we give and receive
from those near and dear,
but often even more so,
from the helping hands of strangers
and neighbors we haven’t acknowledged
or spoken to,
who come forward to help, comfort, and encourage us.
Sometimes, in a most timely way,
loss teaches us how to re-prioritize,
how to take stock
of what we now have to build anew,
not in the old way, not with those
who perpetrate disasters for their gain, and profit from the suffering of others,
but with those who hold the embers
of Compassionate Truth
and the visions of those multi-cultural
sacred bundles of wisdom that have been
passed on carefully for centuries.
We can take the best of who we are
and have been, to rise above the ashes
of so much grief and tears
being felt around the world right now
and very close to what we once called home.
This morning a beautiful animal
I have had the honour and pleasure
of loving and living with for the past year
passed on outside my bedroom door.
Such unconditional love that we have known
with our animal friends is what we remember and hold precious.
During these times of unprecedented loss
on so many levels,
may it spur our hearts to love as never before,
to stir the water of our tears
into a river of revitalization and compassionate resilience,
to invigorate and incentivize our remembrance
of what is most precious in life.
-Tru Starhorse Windwalker Aug. 19th, 2023