FOCUS -August 2023

Conscious focus requires a magnifying glass,
the ability to hone in on what
you are creating with your mind,
feeling with your emotions,
and transmuting with your heart.
This is not a time to be a bystander.
We are the makers of what is possible.
We are the harbingers of a new earth,
grounded in love and creative joy.
Cast away all that wants
to keep you down in the mire
of fear and complacent acceptance,
in a confused state
of bewilderment and doubt,
as if you are doomed
to one tragic event after another,
one trauma after another,
keeping you to a small perception of self,
wearing you down
and sucking away your life force energy,
so that all you have left
is weary blind obedience,
begging to be rescued from it all.
Most of what is happening in the world today,
(fires, floods, droughts,
and bizarre snow storms)
are being geo-engineered,
and are part of a false flag
climate change campaign
to get you to submit to the NWO.
This is the old game of power
and dominance,
of trickery and illusion,
the game of slavery and serfdom.
We know this game,
more now than ever.
Our very human conditioning
has made us enemies to our best intentions.
We accepted being tyrants
toward ourselves and each other.
Our focus has been askew.
Tainted and torn by indifference,
by accepting convenience
as the panacea to conscious effort.
But no longer!
We can see behind the curtain now.
The wizard is nothing but an empty promise,
to that beauty and power which have been
within ourselves all along.
Draw nourishment
from the wellspring inside of you.
Be that which you most desire,
that which you have been seeking
and yearning for, for so long.
Do not hesitate. Time is of the essence!
Know that the wings of unbridled freedom
are anchored in the cornerstone of truth
and the archangel’s diamond breastplate of love.
Courage, awareness, faith, and action are required.
Bring focus and fierce loving attention
to every detail of what faces you now.
Shake up your habitual patterns.
Focus on your infinite potential,
where obstacles are simply resilience training.
Listen to your heart.
Feel the excitement of renewal in your belly.
Breathe it in. Breathe it in…
And breathe out all that carries the weight
of an old paradigm withering on the vine.
-Tru Starhorse Aug. 15th, 2023