Keep The Music In Your Heart

Remember those times
when you listened
to a piece of music
and your heart soared?
You felt like all of the gravity was suspended,
and your lightness of being
went far beyond
the weight of this world,
and the human drama.
Whether it be a song
with lyrics that broke through
your familiar inner dialogues,
or a violin that amplified
and ignited deep emotions,
or native chants that carried you
on the wings of an eagle,
or the aching call of the human voice
beseeching the heavens.
The low drones of Tibetan throat singers,
the sweeping majesty
of a female voice wrapping around
the forgotten landscapes of your dreams.
Even how the silence of the night
would refresh the cacophony
of a busy day.
Remember when your head
rested on the chest of your mother,
or the woman or man you love,
and the rhythm of their heartbeat
soothed your soul
into a deep peaceful sleep.
And then there is the music
of the waves lapping to the shore,
the dancing sweep of tall grass,
the swell of early morning bird-song,
the call of Loons
courting across the midnight lake,
the howl of wolves under a full moon,
the infectious joyful laughter of a child,
The tender whisper of comfort
given by a friend,
and the sound of your breath
releasing all anxiety.
The music poured through
a body dancing.
We have all been blessed
by the music of life.
We treasure the memories
that arise within us because of it.
No matter what you are going through
sing and sound the music of whatever it is
that you are feeling,
sing your pain, your tears, your fears,
your hope, your joy, your gratitude, your love,
Sing your anxiety, your doubts, your optimism,
your faith, your praise, your appreciation,
Sing your anger, your surrender, your strength.
Sing your embrace of all humanity,
of Mother Earth and all her children.
Keep the music in your heart.
It is here, in the heart, that we all meet
and hold each other.
It is here that we lift the human spirit
and carry the collective voices
of humanity toward a new dawn,
into the garden of plenty.
Together we are Rising.
Keep the music in your heart.
With deep and abiding Love,
-TruGuy Starhorse Windwalker
August 22, 2023