Patterns-July 2022

Patterns within patterns
have weaved a false matrix
of what and who we say we are.
My lack of awareness of those patterns
causes them to be unconscious
and self-perpetuating.
Such redundancy generates
the illusion of comfort and security,
And we have called this, “freedom”
because it has stroked the freedom
of error-response-ability
Allowing others to dictate to us,
and thus removing the power
we have been given to dictate to ourselves,
The directives that can manifest
the gifts we each have been given
to be free and powerful creators,
Guided by that which sits
within a profound equilibrium
maintaining a universal harmony,
that moves and has its’ Being
from Loves’ In-pulse
beating to the rhythm of One Heart.
This is the original pattern and design
to everything,
and no matter how far we step
outside of it,
It will inexplicably bring us back
to who we truly are,
without force
without judgment,
without disappointment,
For we have always been free
To choose,
Because to Love is always
(Image by GLady from Pixabay)