Give Up


Typically, when we enter a new year
we think about what we will do,
and what we will give up.
Last night I had a dream
that emphasized over and over
what to give up.
This morning I was guided to make a list:
Give up needing to know the outcome.
Give up proving your worth.
Give up guilt and worry.
Give up Fear.
Give up playing it safe.
Give up just going along.
Give up having others think for you.
Give up the old paradigm.
Give up Spiritual arrogance.
Give up waiting to be loved.
Give up doubt.
Give up self-neglect.
Give up small thinking.
Give up fear of the unknown.
Give up procrastination.
Give up fighting.
Give up material indulgence.
Give up judgment and hatred.
Give up complacency.
Give up indifference.
Give up spiritual bypassing.
Give up emotional suppression.
Give up isolation.
Give up self-abandonment.
Give up needing to be right.
Give up ignorance and superficiality.
Give up dualistic thinking.
Give up “us against them”.
Give up “I” for “We”.
Give up playing the victim.
Give up projecting responsibilities onto others.
Give up lack mentality.
Give up taking so much for granted.
Give up ignoring how Truth speaks to you.
Give up all words that promote divisiveness and entrapment.
Give up your avoidance of love.
*Add your own examples of what to give up,
and what you would do in place of what you have given up.
What we are willing to give up invites us
to create the world we really want,
And allows space for everyone to thrive.
-TruGuy Jan. 12th, 2023
Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay