Dream Weaver


Where do my thoughts come from?
Are they not given from collective turbulence,
and the unfolded clay of my pure desire,
that I might transform the wild field of human chaos
into what I believe to be real and possible?
Regardless of origin or impulse,
I am the progenitor of what arises
from my thoughts.
I am the maker of worlds within worlds,
and as such I must take stock
for what I allow to be.
There is no external intervention
for what I think,
there is only what I accept to be true,
only that which I wish to see,
and endorse through my actions.
And so, how is it that we can come
to agreement?
How is it that we
can harmoniously contribute
to the beauty of what emerges
in our lives and between each other?
Can we know and experience
the unbridled freedom that is preciously held
within the seeds of diversity…
Just as no fingerprint is duplicated,
we are each individual manifestations
expressing the beauty of the whole,
So it is that there is no limit
to how harmony, peace, and love
can be expressed.
All that is required is a unified intention.
where each heart and mind lift up
a common good that is unencumbered
by intellectual debate.
Does a rose compare itself to a lotus?
Does a dog yearn to be a cat?
Do not all things celebrate without reservation
the essence of who and what they are.
We can say that a flower has no choice
but to manifest the encoded design built within it.
But as humans, we live within that unique
experience of freedom of choice,
and therein lies our conundrum…
How to choose what serves us best.
And yet, it is the inherently and harmoniously
willed emergence of the natural order
that provides the guidance we need
to choose what will serve the whole
and the ultimate best for each of us and all of life.
When we ignore such guidance
then the external world mirrors
our neglect and avoidance back to us.
Earth-school teaches us
how to be conscious Dream Weavers,
how to be in flow with the music of creation.
Our intentions become our interface
between creative harmony
and disrespectful dissonance.
True freedom allows us to choose
which we will invest in.
As I come to a new year
what intentions will I choose?
What is the best I can wish for?
What will I do to bring it forth?
What dream will we weave together for 2023?
May it be all that will make us
rise each day with joy in our hearts,
beauty in all that we touch,
and a profound love toward all that comes our way.
May it be a very Happy New Year
Dear friends and Soul Family!
-Tru Guy Stefan Starhorse Dec. 27th, 2022