How Music Speaks To Me -Feb 2023


Music continues to show me
how we are all musical beings,
How we all have a distinct rhythm,
a certain measure of rising and falling.
When I listen to a heartfelt song
or a piece of beautiful instrumental music,
my soul is stirred,
It shakes me to my core,
as if I am touching
the inborn nervous system
and pulse of the universe.
It is my blood dancing
to the rhythm of my own heartbeat.
It awakens feelings and visions.
It ignites the creator within me,
the visionary, and the brush
that paints beautiful scenes
upon the canvass of my mind.
I am refreshed as all heaviness
is suspended and lifted beyond
the dense matter of melancholy.
Music and all forms of harmonious sound
awakens within me the resilience
of thoughtless remembrance,
where only the heart speaks
through the many feelings
that breathe in the mystery
and the ancient dust of my origins.
My pain is forgotten as clarity
and wisdom bleeds through
the dim reflections of who I say I am.
The simple joys of life return,
Hope is vanquished by certainty,
Fear is overwhelmed by confidence and courage.
Music invites me to see
my connection to all things,
and has me smiling a beam
of recognition between you and me.
When I write music it is a form of alchemy
whereby I can take all my confusion,
all my despair and pain
and transform it into gold
and boundless optimism.
And when I share my music with the world
a great harmony and unification takes place,
for the stories of our lives are universal,
and where we once felt alone and desolate
we discover that we are one voice
singing one song to the heart of humanity.
-TruGuy Stefan Starhorse Feb. 14, 2023