Being One-Self is
a constant state of fluidity
at its best.
It is not so much
a socially established inner
descriptive topography,
but rather, a distance between
different markers of self-appreciation
and self-expression.
Self-identification is a house of mirrors,
constantly changing according to my preferences.
Even as I look into a mirror
I cannot hold onto the image I see.
I am a living mosaic
recreating myself over and over,
and as much as I seek permanence,
and the security of who I say I am,
The journey to being myself
is a swiss cheese experience,
There is no direct route,
yet every path, although riddled
with potholes and zigzags,
there seems to be
some kind of loyalty and trueness
that continues to guide my course.
I come to discover
that there is an overlay of unity
woven into the very fabric
of formless form.
There is this Self that is always One
with the Fluidity of Being.
I am always free to go ‘off’ course
which paradoxically and inevitably
steers me back to that place
from which I began
only to rediscover it as if
for the first time…
Some call this the great “Still-Point” of existence,
so pervasively present to the many
permutations of manifestation
and their ultimate collapse,
-Tru Starhorse Feb. 11, 2023