Love’s Enchantment

“Charmed by the light in your eyes,
as stars stare back at me,
pulling me beyond myself,
shedding my cloak of self-recognition,
casting me upon a field of divine forsakenness,
where my preciousness has no name,
yet is held within an enduring circle of gratitude,
where my love is our love
and this love conjures up a great sweeping beauty
upon the inner landscapes of my soul,
where luscious fruit drips from trees
upon an undulating soil,
as I swim within the swell
and beat of this one heart
flowing between us.
We are but a reflection
of each other’s story
unraveling the lifeblood of our deepest desires,
forever penned upon the parchments of time,
disentangling the knots
we have tied between us,
free now, to be in every moment,
in a place beyond time,
while gliding upon the wings of change,
where everything is, and not as it appears,
Enchanted by your magnetism
and your seductive smile,
I no longer care for who I say I am,
but for all, I am becoming
beneath the skin of my armor,
as love loosens the grip
of my self-protection and fear.
and I am filled with the charm
of every morsel of existence
as I travel upon the slipstream
of your loving light.”
-TruGuy Stefan Feb. 16th, 2023