There Is

There is nothing
More wondrous than You,
My starlight pales
Before the Light of your Sun.
There is nothing left
Of the seed
Vanquished by the tree
That it becomes,
Worlds beyond infinite,
Taunt and tease
The limitless sight
Beseeching my eyes to open.
There is nothing,
But this taste
Of the possible
Drunk upon my lips.
There is nothing,
But the many,
Carried upon the breath
Of the ONE,
Breathing upon the many.
A great silence
Carries the songs,
Bleeding through
To every heart,
As every tear
That ever was
Do oceans make
A cleansing start.
There is nothing left,
Of the ice melting now,
Drunken in by the earth,
Climbing steadfast to the Sun.
The heartbreak of things,
Are polished into purity,
Where everything is,
Where nothing was,
And I, a small vessel,
For the wine of Love,
Empty every drop,
Into the sacred cup,
Of thirsty renewal.
There is nothing left,
Of that which has kept
Me from You,
Dying now, as I do,
At the breast of your Mercy,
Where the lover never dies,
Before the feet of the moon.
There is Nothing,
But that, whichever was,
And ever shall Be,
Whirls at the center
Of your moon,
As I drink the penetrating rays
of your sunlit splendor,
And stagger between
My tongue and your heart.
-Tru Guy Starhorse Jan. 10th, 2023