Rebirth -August 2023

Dear Hearts,
Fear not,
these exponential changes,
Close not your eyes,
for fear of what,
as yet cannot be seen.
Beneath the turbulent sea,
a sequent stillness pervades,
baffling the unfathomable truth
of the higher mind,
which can only be intuitively known.
Surrender now,
To the wings, you have never felt,
being lifted and loved by the breath of God.
The time has come,
to know thyself
from a place of bombardment.
The tree is being shaken,
All the fruit we have hitherto tasted
has rotted, and needs to fall.
And just as the cherished is mourned,
new buds begin to form.
The sun breaks through
the ominous skies.
The birds with abandon fly and sing.
Rays of light break through
the cracks of our wounds and losses,
And there, as we shudder and shake off
the scales of our attachments,
a promise most eloquent
sings in the silent womb of renewal.
The burgeoning abundance
no longer requires a fight,
or any form of slavery.
It gathers us in now,
into the mystic circle of life,
the unified field of our origins
and eternal sustenance.
This long-awaited time asks us
to feel it all,
Allow the tears
of every emotion to fall.
Welcome in the wide breadth,
depth, and height of our humanity
as we sing the sounds of love,
as they have never been sung before,
so that through the ashes
of our long history of forgetfulness
our effervescent and translucent hearts
may now shine in service to each other,
as was always our most tender,
and divine clarion call.
To be born anew to each precious moment,
that we might see and celebrate
the grand majesty of each other
and all of existence.
-Tru Guy Starhorse August 11th, 2023