Fluidity -July 2022

“Even within stillness, there is a flow,
For to be still I must be aware of movement,
The constant process of acknowledgment
and the release of any attachment to it.
Being still is not about resisting movement,
But about recognizing its nature and impetus,
Riding the wave so to speak,
While remaining centered and present
to the undulations of its’ flow.
My involvement becomes effortless
as I commit myself to the rhythms of my intent.
Fluidity is anchored within flexibility,
My ability to pause within the essence
of movement is like a piece of music
that employs a rest or a sustain,
So the music can penetrate the listener
with the overtones of emotional enjoyment.
Such fluidity reveals how purpose
is imbued into everything,
That I may experience the gift of communion
with the earth, my body, and others.
This discovery and encouragement to be fluid
comes from a grounded journey
that celebrates harmonious alignment
where my intentions breathe life
into the rich purpose each moment provides,
and how it brings improvement and joy
into all spheres of my life.
It is the dance dancing the dancer.”

-Tru Guy Starhorse July 13th, 202