Profound Simplicity -July 2022


A teardrop of dew falls from the petal of a flower,
The call and response of birdsong,
The hush of silence after a fresh snowfall,
The smile from the passing of a stranger,
The gentle comfort of a loving touch,
The slipping of daylight into the blanket of night,
The enthusiastic tail of a dogs joy in seeing you,
The kindness of someone holding a door open,
The unbridled affection for one who braves affliction,
A new beginning born of forgiveness,
The glistening waters of a singing brook,
The unfurled fist becomes an open hand,
The silence to be found amidst the noise,
The patience to allow each its own time,
The look that sees the tears of one’s soul,
The courage to finally say no to what violates another,
The exploding burst of flavor in your mouth,
The desire and effort to empower the less fortunate,
The questions that are forgotten but now unexplored,
s that join with loving intention,
The wind and sun kissing my face,
Seeing the world from a mountain’s summit,
The gift held in every struggle,
A song that softens the hardest heart,
The joyous wonder of curiosity,
The dancing lilt of a child’s voice…always makes me smile,
Never allowing the harsh winds of pessimistic intolerance
to drown your innocent unwavering optimism,
The vastness of giving love is always lighter
then the weight of fear and discouragement.
Every moment is that first spark
that can transform the world,
And it is each of our privileges to be the fire keepers
and custodians of the beauty and gift
such profound simplicity offers us
as we take it in with deep gratitude.
-TruGuy Starhorse July 19th, 2022