The Guest -July 2022

“You are a guest In the mansion of your heart.
Have you forgotten
while lost in the many rooms
you have been living in?
The host has allowed you to roam,
But now it is time to come
to the table where a banquet awaits;
All your companions are arriving,
the ones you knew were always there,
but never saw.
A great feast awaits the hunger
you have ignored,
The fellowship is calling
to that which sleeps,
The forsaken are awoken
And a promise long felt
welcomes you home,
to the main course of love,
To the circle never broken,
to the nameless realms,
Where all that is of essence is known,
Beyond what we define as right or wrong.
The meal is every taste
of what it means to be nourished,
Beyond substance
and the impermanence of “things”
Upon the platter of all possibility
you are found and lost,
as an honored prodigal child,
whose many miles have steered you back,
And now, as you sit before
the delicacies of your heart
and extend your open arms
to the offspring of your dreams,
The guest is seen to be
every expression of life and form,
every crack of Light that pours
upon you and calls you by that
which has always been
and remains immutable.
Welcome, dear guest, to the blessings
offered at the table of our communion.”

-TruGuy Starhorse July 20th, 2022