Fearless -Nov. 19th, ’22


When I seek to avoid what I fear
I end up choosing the path of dominance.
When I relax deeply in myself
I can then feel safe,
even in my suffering.
Suffering serves my higher good.
It serves to wake me up.
The very act of paying attention
to my fear begins to dissipate it.
To face my shadow leads me
in the direction of my heart.
To move in the direction of my heart
is to discover the
transformational layers of compassion.
If I don’t own my fear
then I externalize it,
and strive to take ownership of the world
in some way.
I become the shadow of myself
imposing my fear upon others.
We can witness this so graphically
today in this time of skewed narratives
designed to keep us in fear,
influencing us to externalize
our personal fears into collective ones,
as we look for an external reference
to emancipate us from ourselves.
It perpetuates that old saying about
“the blind leading the blind.”
Fear makes us territorial.
This is why we have so many
documents of ownership.
Ownership gives us the illusion of safety,
when in reality Nature gives everything away.
Nothing is accumulated in Nature,
except that which we have neglected
to let go of.
In one of my songs the lyric says,
“…may you hold in one hand
what the other is letting go.”
Catch and release is Nature’s Way.
We forget everything is temporary
and best serves us when we share
the many treasures all around us.
To live lightly is to give greatly,
where no one feels a lack in the world.
In the end, my hands will have
little strength for grasping.
The shadow of our fears
can reveal one of life’s greatest lessons and gifts,
the art of magnanimity and selfless service.
As we get to know and face
the nature of our fears
and give it the space it needs inside us,
a transformation begins to take place
that allows me to trust and relax my grip,
and realize that everything is fine
even amidst difficulty and chaos.
The game of dominance has been
deeply entrenched in the history
our collective consciousness,
but we are now being given a great opportunity…
to feel the expanse of our fears,
and to face our ability to live beyond them,
in fact, to use them as the way-showers
to a whole new dawn of grace,
beyond the shackles of fear-driven behavior
toward a Love that becomes
the unlimited language of prosperity.
-Tru Starhorse Nov. 19th, ‘22
(Photo by Nicholas Sampson on Unsplash)