Oh Thine Of My Heart


Speak to me, Oh Thine, of my heart.
Sing to me the sacred song of my soul.
I am yours
I am yours
Lay bare all my vanquished trials,
Spill them forth into that great ocean
of finite sorrow
where every drop becomes
a wave of comfort,
a sea baptizing all my pain
into a love that says,
I am held
I am held
I am finally free
Found resting in the valley
Where all I thought was lost
To be seen as a blazing sun
Lifting seeds of brilliance
up to the sky,
wings in flight to heaven’s grace
where despair no longer reigns
as my once-forgotten voice
and I am shown
those angelic realms
surrounding me
embracing me
as One within the ONE
As the promise, I was given
to once again return
to That from which I sprang
to That Tiller of the garden
of my heart,
And only if I’d known
what only the silence knows,
that lost, I have never been,
but cast upon the sails
of an unmarked sea
That I might finally grasp
the rudder of my truth,
Telling me…
You are home
You are home
Oh Thine of my heart
discerning now
the tongues of every language known.
-TruGuy Starhorse Nov. 23rd, ’22
(Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash)