Personal To Transpersonal

We are all being swept
along a river of conscious change.
Whether we realize it or not
we are all instruments of this transformation.
We are learning to distinguish between
our personal and our transpersonal self.
We are beginning to discover
how they both can exist harmoniously.
For many lifetimes we have been
focused on the survival of the personal self,
on its appetites and comforts.
There is no shame in this,
for this has simply been the evolutionary
establishment of our small minds
wanting to explore the adventures of experience.
Now, we are becoming disillusioned
with this primarily myopic view of self-interest
and way of living.
This age is a time for the emerging transpersonal Self
(not to be confused with all the debates
and issues around Transhumanism and Transgenderism
which is just another form of individual identity attachment),
to quicken the inner fire of our souls.
It is no longer satisfying to feed
our hunger for more,
primarily through the temporary pleasures
of the material world and self-centered preferences.
Experiencing our fulfillment in isolation,
and being disassociated
from the vast inter-dependence of life
is now exposing our addictions for what they are;
insatiable hunger that leaves us
trying to fill a hole that is bottomless.
The ego has worked hard to fill
the emptiness we feel.
I am grateful for its efforts,
for its loyal and steadfast companionship.
However, and the many ways, the ego has been of service,
it is now being called to a much higher form of service,
that of being an ally to Spirit and conscious cooperation.
The ego’s tenacious preoccupation with its own survival
and defensive postures are beginning,
although sometimes kicking and screaming along the way,
to let go of the reins of selfish personal power,
and allowing transpersonal service to take precedence.
To begin the process of experiencing
a state of consciousness that is
beyond the limits of personal identity.
start with where you are.
Breathe gently into your abdomen.
Allow yourself to become fully present
to every sensation you feel.
Be gentle and receptive.
Let your breath take in and release
all that you are feeling and thinking.
If there is resistance or any attachment
allow it to melt away
with each breath, you exhale.
Feel your feet on the ground
and a connection to the earth beneath you.
Breathe in the life force energy of the earth.
Feel it swell and swirl as a ball of light
about two inches below your navel.
With every in-breath
imagine this ball of light radiantly
spreading to every part of your body.
See it being fed by the inner core of the earth
rising up within you,
welcoming and giving you a deep sense of security,
and then, see this energy rising far above your head
to kiss the heart of the Central Sun
as it pours down a cosmic stream
of loving light upon you.
Imagine these two sources of life-giving energy
coming together in your heart,
generating a magnetic field of gentle acceptance,
toward yourself and all that is.
Say “yes” to whatever is,
to any pain, old contradictions,
and fearful resistance.
Say yes to loving yourself completely,
to that expansive life within you and all around you.
Soften what has become hard and immoveable
with your gentle non-judgmental Yes.
Allow the coalescence of this heart-felt receptivity
to gently return to your “center of gravity”
two inches below your navel.
Imagine the ball of light becoming the size of a dime,
concentrated and embedded,
forever present and available,
ready to be accessed and experienced
whenever needed.
This form of self-care and self-love
invites your transpersonal gifts of service
to magnify the love you came here to share
and receive.
Without analysis or comparison
we become one breath,
one heart, one universal expression
of beatific diversity,
where personal and transpersonal
celebrate each other.
-TruGuy Starhorse March 7th, 2023