Intention -Nov. ’22

“Intention is an expression
of a highly focused will.
When imagination is added
to this powerful act
All possibilities become available
and of service to that will.
To realize those possibilities
clarity of intent is paramount,
for we are all powerful manifesters.
and are actually manifesting
all that we are experiencing every moment,
whether it be by giving our will away
or by engaging it directly.
The quality of our intentions
determines the quality of what
comes to us since our intentions
can be altruistic or disharmonious.
This can appear so obvious to our minds,
but we can easily forget
the prodding rod of our emotions
and how we can unconsciously move
in directions unbeknownst to
what we initially intended.
This is where awareness
plays such a vital role,
and intention becomes a form of meditation.
My awareness helps me to fine-tune what can bring about my best creative visions.
A loving intention is like
setting a bird free to fly
while never losing sight of its flight,
as I live the soul of its freedom
and steer its course with a loving
and guiding hand
so it may return home carrying the joys
of discovery and the generous gifts of benevolence,
for the sky of my imagination
provides the space for me to soar.
My freedom is intricately bound
to all that Source has given me to work with
to build my castles in the sky.
Whether I rise or fall is simply
the playing field of awareness
and the ground upon which intentions are born.
Dream well, my friends,
for all that blesses your soul…
for all that blesses the world and beyond.”
-Tru Starhorse Nov. 1st, ‘22 🙏❤️‍🔥💞
(Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay