Inner Authority-June 16th, 2022

To live according to the rules of others,
Is to lose the power of conscience,
That inner knowing that prevails
With hearts and minds,
Who remain resilient, free, and
receptive to the whispers of Truth
being shown everywhere in everything,
For there is only ONE song,
One sound ushering in a great crescendo
Of Love.
We are the notes, harmonies, and rhythms
Heralding a great new age
Whose birth begins within the mind
Of the human heart.
We can no longer sink into subservience
To the babel of false voices deceived
By their insatiable hunger
For power and control,
Lost, as they are, to their need for love
Through the hypnotic enslavement
that encourages victimization and fear.
True power and freedom
cannot be possessed and dispensed
according to the addictive compulsivity
of raping the will of others.
My inner authority arises
From the generosity of my spirits’
unconditional self-acceptance,
spilling forth lovingly
throughout every cell of my body
and into every receptive soul that I encounter,
Like a warm tropical wind,
Soothing and revitalizing the forgotten echoes of my inner knowing.
Our path is a path of remembering,
Of caring once again like a child,
Whose joy and innocence know no boundary,
And whose imagination soars powerfully
Upon the wings of an eagle.
-Tru Guy Starhorse June 15th, 2022
(Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay)
How is it that we have forgotten our power of inner-knowing in favor of those who do not actually know us personally yet tell us how to think and what to feel? Are we afraid of what it feels like to stand alone with what we can feel in our hearts and bones? Our inner compass has become dysfunctional and we have accepted this as normal. To follow the crowd is to become lost in the crowd as we look for only external signs of recognition. But the heart knows. Your heart is the only compass worth trusting. And it knows who to trust when it is listening deeply to the energetic resonance of Love’s abiding service to all life.
There is nothing to fear in our loyalty to love. Love is the source of our coming into existence. It is the “Source” we will return to upon the body’s passing. So why should I fear this dream that is of my own making, for I am ONE with the Creator and thus, I am given the power to create? We may think our greatest fear is being a failure but far greater is the fear of succeeding beyond our wildest dreams. I speak not of worldly material success but the kind of success that brings me great joy and fulfillment in the smallest of things and in any given moment of being alive…to be fully a part of what blesses the experience of simply being, creating, appreciating, helping, sharing, dancing, singing, being kind and dreaming of better ways to show up in the world and for each other.
Think of those moments when out of the mouths of babes came great truths that were spoken, humbling our misguided words of authority. Can we not act upon experience but be inspired by the innocence of a beginner’s mind.
When the flowers bloom in Spring they do not hold on to their previous beauty but shine as if never having been born before. This is the gift of being true to yourself as you stand brilliant and bold in the world. Shine on dear family!