The Wellspring 08.08.22

-The Wellspring-

To listen and wait
Within the Well of Living Water
Where every drop upon my parched lips
Awakens a thoughtless word
Whose seed births
Gardens of Truth
Whose sweet nectar saturates
and explodes every sense
Into bliss,
As I feel intuitively what I inner stand.
Who are you that calls me forth,
that languishes upon
the hunger of my soul?
Who am I to receive such
Graceful epiphanies of delight?
You are the Heron’s call
across the grasslands and marshes,
Answering the question
that lingers upon the edge of ignorance,
Speaking of realms beyond your mind,
The breathless captivation of every cell
moving in unison,
Every ember of doubt held
within the confluence of a flames
flowing purification,
Transforming what I have forsaken
into crystalline fields of discovery,
and the boundless joy
of an open heart.
Today is such a day to let in
the waves of Light descending
upon the You which has been
waiting at receptions’ door,
Where the Well of Living Water
quenches eons of thirst
and the Central Sun
brings life back to your arid soil.
Be blessed today,
at the Lion’s Gate.