After enlightenment,
chop wood and carry water.
In my seeking
am I reaching for a way out
of what can feel to be
the mundane details
of everyday life?
Am I avoiding the opportunity
to see and feel the dull hazing over
of my senses?
When my senses habituate
to the everyday experiences
of familiarity
I can begin to hunger for something
more exciting,
something I think holds
a greater promise
of aliveness.
From such an urge
I project upon the screen
of my imagination
a fantasy world
that removes itself
from being here now,
with what simply is.
My search for more
becomes more fascinating
as I feed some insatiable hunger
for things that escape
my actual grasp.
The search itself becomes more important
than the gifts being offered and
readily available all around me.
There is no judgment
on whatever motivates seeking,
for the beauty of Truth
and Spirituality at its core will,
in the end,
reveal the true nature
of what I am experiencing,
whether it be me distracting myself,
or me discovering
a direct path to transcendence.
The drug of Truth and Spirituality
is my attachment to its form.
It is my attraction
to the shadow on the wall
rather than the Light
that shines upon it.
My pain can become
my way of identifying myself
and feeling more alive
than being free from it.
I can become trapped
by methods, programs, and structures,
by magnetic personalities,
or constantly adding to my list
to explore spiritual adventures.
Regardless, all will ultimately
reveal my true nature.
Since my true nature
is that which becomes
fully aware of what is.
And in my willingness to be still with it,
there comes peace and discernment
that is beyond my understanding,
bringing the effortless realization
that there is nothing to attain,
for I am and have always been
a complete and wholly unified
expression of existence.
-Tru Starhorse 🌠
May 31st, 2023
(Image by Cassandra Duval from Pixabay)