To Stand Alone

“I choose to write
Those things that burn
A memory in your heart
Where once you knew
In child-like wonder
The mysteries of a child’s art
No one said what you could feel
Within the magic of your soul
For hours you could dance alone
Amidst tall grass and sunlit days
Lost in view of heaven blue
As clouds changed shape
Just for you
Where time was just a passing glance
And duty was to just be you
As beauty was a living poem
A place where everything was known
And now, that time has come again
To choose to see with eyes anew
Beyond the tears that make you groan
Where all can be what once we saw
If we can choose to stand alone
And in so doing, a truth revealed
Such quiet places are our home.”
-Tru Starhorse
Oct. 6th, 2022