(Empathic Reflection for…) ❤
The toll so many have paid
Trying to get to another day
As the pain beats down on their door
With screams that just can’t take more
On that edge of being sane
With long-held hope for what remains
Of what we call humanity
Unshed tears flood the well
With stories, we could never tell
Held so tight against the chest
Where every word becomes a test
For what is left of a tattered will
Holding out with all that’s still
The heart of what is felt to be humanity
No longer lost we can proclaim
How freedom comes when we can name
The brokenness we’ve made our home
From all those fears that we have sown
Into the fabric of our soul
As of now, fallow fields can grow
A dream that lives beyond the old
While hands dig deep into the fold
To that which sings our humanity
So rise to all that seemed so far
Of what we know we truly are
Forgotten promises held within
Forgiven now for every sin
No more shame for fallen ways
As lightness comes to fill our days
With all, we felt beyond our grasp
Waiting long for us to ask
For what we thought we could not see
Within the grace of our humanity.
We each remain for just one thing
To be a voice for everything
Ambassadors and advocates
For all the good that we can bring
As beacons of our humanity.
-Tru Starhorse ✨🙏❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹❤️