A TRUTH that has become clear to me
is that more than anything,
my greatest impulse and desire is to love,
even more than to be loved.
The desire to be loved
is longed for because I forgot
that I am born of love,
that I am the offspring
of the Heart and Source of Love.
To know and feel this
is to never look for love outside of myself,
To never say I lack love,
for if I do, I become a scavenger
for whatever projection of love
I have placed myself outside of.
Strewn upon the earth of the old story
are the many tales of wailing
about the pain of unrequited love,
and the aching assertions
that I cannot live without you,
feeling bereft and forlorn
in the face of love,
and cast upon a melancholy sea of yearning.
It is only when I invite the love I AM
to show its face as it has always been,
constant and fully being shown
with each breath and heartbeat,
with the wonder of sight
and the rebirth of every cell and molecule.
To love is to acknowledge
I Am a living miracle,
and that love comes from the inside out,
and I can witness that same miracle in you.
From such awareness and vitality
I no longer seek to be loved,
but rather, can fully BE
the Source of LOVE I seek
and to finally cherish the love
being expressed and manifested
in the One Thousand Things.
May 4th, 2023