What does it truly mean, “to know”?

How many times have you judged someone

based on what you thought you knew about them…

And as a result, have held them to that judgment?

Only to later find…

what you thought you knew about a person

came from a small window

to a much bigger landscape you could not see.


Also, further to one’s retrospective reflections,

we discover that our judgments

are always a reflection

of our need to feel secure

in what makes us feel better about ourselves.


It is not easy to release our judgments.


The willingness to remain open

to what we refuse to accept or see

requires humility, courteousness,

compassion and graciousness…

And the willingness to forgive and sympathize

with our own limitations.


To know, is a swinging door,

inviting us to go back and forth

with what we thought we knew,

always ready to shift and expand

our point of view.


It is one of the highest forms of friendship,

towards yourself and others.


It is the great unconditional circle of love…

The emptying of our proverbial cup,

that we may drink once again

from a fresh spring…

Freeing ourselves from so much unwanted baggage

And in doing so,

to welcome and share the true elixir of freedom

with others.


When we embody this kind of knowing

and non-judgment,

the manifestation reveals itself

simply as a means to access

the peerless state of Divine Emptiness.

-TruGuy Starhorse

May 14, 2024

(image by Roberto Nunez)