The Golden Tide


It has been said,
and we have come to believe,
that we require some measure of pain
in order to appreciate joy.
Please consider that this
has been a lie
in order to feed the belly
of darkness…
that distorted blueprint
of choice,
that has made us doubt
the perfection of love,
for within each of us
is a blueprint of perfection and distortion.
Pain and affliction is a deception,
a grand drama of shadow-play.
Consider and imagine
that all is beauty
harmony and love
where evolution can occur
through joy, not suffering
or struggle.
Release your chains
of despondency,
and the beliefs that feed them.
We often think that imagination
is fantasy and relegated
to the playground of children.
Yet, all that we experience
was first imagined,
a spark of what was possible.
We have simply lost
the power of our endowment
from the Prime Creator.
The realms where no fear exists
are first born within us,
A bounty of our choosing.
Every day we pass by the many treasures
that surround us,
when our lens chooses to see only distortion,
we have been hijacked by a false and
convoluted perception distracting us
from what and who we are…
As sublimely eloquent vessels of vibrancy,
we are capable of joyfully embracing the creative challenges
being offered within the gardens of our soul.
Beyond all wrongdoing and right doing,
there is a field where relationships
can be engaged in as high art,
where intimacy and love
exist in exquisite delicacy and profound depth,
as we bathe in the waters of a golden tide
cleansing all that we manifest
into the precious jewels of what is a divine tapestry.
Such is the promise of what we are capable of now.
-TruGuy Stefan Starhorse Nov. 28th, ‘22
Image by Adrian Campfield from Pixabay